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The Laughing Apple - T-Shirt + Tote Bag + Poster + Pin + Patch + Sticker + CD or Vinyl

Regular price $75

This is a pre-order and is expected to ship around September 15, 2017. 

Bundle is limited to 1,000 orders.

You will receive a full download of The Laughing Apple upon purchase. 

Digital files are only available in the US.

Bundle Includes:
• The Laughing Apple CD or Vinyl (Gatefold)
• The Laughing Apple Digital Download
• The Laughing Apple T-Shirt
• The Laughing Apple Tote Bag
• Blackness Poster
• Laughing Apple Sticker
• "Mighty Peace" Patch
• "You Can Do (Whatever)!" Pin

1. Blackness of the Night
2. See What Love Did To Me
3. The Laughing Apple
4. Olive Hill
5. Grandsons
6. Mighty Peace
7. Mary and the Little Lamb
8. You Can Do (Whatever)!
9. Northern Wind (Death of Billy the Kid)
10. Don't Blame Them
11. I'm So Sleepy